Yemen: CCYR declares continuation of uprising and releases statute

By Abdullah al-Qubati

Sana’a, 8th Apr–The Civil Coalition of Youth Revolution (CCYR) declares continuation of the revolution till its objectives are fulfilled and the revolutionary youth coalition have joined freedom and change squires across the country and will not return home till their demands are met. They are determined on coining a change for better tomorrow and will sacrifice their lives to achieve the revolution objectives.

CCYR is a Yemen-based civil movement includes 52 alliances of revolutionary youth activists around Yemen of more than 10, 000 members.

It has released its Statute Draft including its vision, revolution objectives, principles, duties, mechanisms & goals of the interim phase, as below:

Statute Draft for Civil Coalition of Youth Revolution (CCYR)

Who is the (CCYR)?

The CCYR is a Yemen-based civil movement includes 52 alliances of revolutionary youth activists around Yemen of more than 10, 000 members. It was founded in March, 2011, by a liberal group contributed in major role in launching an uprising against the autocratic regime of President Saleh to maintain revolutionary blocs and individuals struggle for a modern civil state. It is headed by Mr. Ahmed Saif Hashed, human rights activist.


This coalition aims at establishing a modern civil state that positively reacts with modernity on the basis of equal citizenship, human rights, social justice, political pluralism, freedom of expression and opinion and peaceful transition of power.

Overall Objectives:

This coalition has a general objective of overthrowing the regime with all its corrupt components by means of peaceful civil efforts and building a modern democratic state.


1- Neutral armed forces and security apparatuses .

2 – Federal modern parliamentarian state.

3- Democracy and freedom of expression.

4 -Fair and free elections depending on relative list system.

5- Real separation between legislative, judiciary and executive authorities.

6 – A total eradicating of terrorism and violence.

7- Protecting youth revolution against challenges facing its achievements and objectives that include democratic contents.

8 – Recruiting competent, highly qualified persons, for higher authorities, who have nothing to do the former corrupt regime.

9- Adherence by the United Nations charters and international charters and declarations, for front human rights legislations.

10 -Guarantee full representation for women and cancelling all forms of discrimination that can hinder her participation or prevent from human rights get that embodied in constitution and national law.

11- Necessity of noninvolvement in business regarding higher positions and knowing about properties of those officials in question prior to undertaking any job with a declaration of any information for public opinion.

Revolution general objectives:

1 – Achieving comprehensive development, social justice in addition to creating actual solutions for poverty and unemployment, increasing levels of individual and national income, and making a higher standards of health service and better life.

2 -Independent, free and multiple media means with freedom of expression, establishing syndicates and organizations on the basis of world standards and disseminating principles of freedom, democracy in social political awareness with an embodiment in actual behavior.

3 -Impartiality of state media means and objectivity of language and policy of these outlets.

4 – Rehabilitate of all governmental institutions especially educational bodies, besides reframing of school syllabuses in compliance with modern thought to make a foundation for a modern strong and democratic state.

5 -Making an end to all pending files of political conflict to ensure a solution for all complaints according to principles of the transitional justice.

6 -A special constitution for city of Aden as a free zone that is as qualified as Hong Kong, Dubai which gained world reputation, with suitable legislations.

Duties & goals of the interim phase:

» 1 -Toppling Salehs regime with its corrupt system, bringing to justice of its representatives who are involved in criminal acts, public finance looting and human rights violation.

2 -Giving a priority to the issue of the south Yemen and finding a historical solution that is equal and satisfying the people of the south in addition to giving a federal state.

« 3 -Giving a priority to the issue of Saada to get rid of its causes and address the effects of the six rounds of its war including reconstruction.

4 -Forming a temporary technocratic government.

5 -Phrasing a new constitution for a modern civil state based on principle of separation between authorities, with full dependence of judiciary system, peaceful transfer of power and impartial armed and security forces. This constitution shall guarantee comprehensive development.

6 -Return of all looted public money to treasury of the state.

7 -Building a special prosecution to put an end to grievances and wrongdoings committed against people, regain their rights looted under the former despotic regime and compensating any loss.

8 -Making a relative list-based electoral law, congruent to the modern state.

9 -Forming the supreme election committee from impartial, qualified and competent members with no involvement in the former political conflicts.

10 -Rebuilding the Republican and Special Guards as well as the Central Security , the First Armored Brigade on clear national and scientific foundations and subjecting all these and all of armed forces and military units to a unified leadership under supervision of the ministry of defense, working in course of grounds of the new constitution.

11 -Rebuilding of the National and Political Security apparatuses and the Intelligence Agency to merge all of them into a single national security apparatus that abide by the new constitution and subjected to monitoring of the parliament.

12 -Review legislation of the national anti-corruption system to ensure an improved performance as well as independent and parliament-controlled system.

» 13 – Bringing to justice of all involvements in killings, repressing of the peaceful revolution protests, the south movement and Sa « ada wars » criminal perpetrators, with compensation of martyrs families for killings and injuries and remove of their harms.

14 -Making the armed and security forces neutral and developing them in favor of constitutional duties, abidance by human rights and public freedom. Also rearrange of interior ministry to allow popular control of performance, and banning any apparatus that are considered unconstitutional or affiliated to bodies that are uncontrolled by the parliament.

15 – Cancelling exceptional and military prosecution, and setting free of all political prisoners.

16 -Dissolving of ministers of information, culture and of endowment to replace them with independent national boards members of which to be selected on the basis of impartiality, neutrality, competence and qualification.

17- Carrying out of fair and free local presidential and parliamentary elections.

18- Removing disagreement on articles on individual complaints filed at united nations apparatuses concerning human rights violations in all world treaties and agreements on which Yemen approved and signing new agreements, especially the international criminal court (The Rome Statute) as well as the agreement on protecting people against coercive disappearance.

Interim Phase Mechanisms:

The interim period will not exceed a year with the purpose of an organized and peaceful transfer of power besides combining efforts for building foundations of the prospective modern state based on democracy and law power and human rights obligations, which come through forming a national interim council to be represented by youth male and female, civil society, political powers and the private sector. The council shall undertake the following:

1- Specify an interim period starting from a constitutional declaration for revolution, on the basis of which goals, duties and mechanisms of the interim period shall be specified.

2- The national counsel shall elect a temporary board of nine civil members and has right to remove them. They have to be competent and trusty and shall not be affiliates of the former regime and period of the elected board shall not exceed a year, with one of them neither be a candidate in the subsequent presidential elections nor be a member in the no interim government. The duties of this counsel shall be as follows:

« 1- Inviting various national powers inside and outside of Yemen for a comprehensive dialogue to tackle the issue of the south and that of Saada.

2- The chairing board shall assign an honest, experienced and agreed upon person to form competences (technocrat) to manage the state matters throughout interim.

3- Appointing, transferring military leaderships to ensure neutral armed forces as well as the revolution goals and principles.

4- Forming a committee of law experts and representatives of main civil society organizations concerned in rights and freedom defense to make a new constitution and an electoral law as an establishment for a new civilized state ruled by parliament. This constitution shall specify the state presidential term as four years and does not exceed two electoral terms.

5- Forming a supreme neutral and fair electoral committee and conducting transparent presidential and parliamentarian elections.

CCYR Declaration

The youth revolution civil coalition declares continuation of the revolution till its objectives are fulfilled and the revolutionary youth coalition have joined freedom and change squires across the country and will not return home till their demands are met. They are determined on coining a change for better tomorrow and will sacrifice their lives to achieve the revolution objectives.

التحالف المدني يدعو دول الخليج إلى الكف عن تشجيع صالح ونظامه لقتل اليمنيين ويدعو الأمريكان والأوروبيين إلى إدانة جرائمه بحق المحتجين

:: حذر المتطلعين من المشترك ولجنة الحوار من توقيع مبادرة تضعهم في خانة صالح

يمنات – خاص

دعا التحالف المدني للثورة الشبابية دول الخليج إلى الكف عن تشجيع علي عبدالله صالح ونظامه لقتل اليمنيين وترك الشعب اليمني يقرر مصيره بنفسه، كما دعا الأمريكيين والأوروبيين إلى إدانة “الجرائم ضد الإنسانية التي يرتكبها صالح ونظامه بحق المحتجين السلميين”، محذرا في الوقت نفسه من أسماهم بالمتطلعين إلى توقيع المبادرة الخليجية من لجنة الحوار وأحزاب اللقاء المشترك من توقيع مبادرة “تضعهم في خانة صالح نفسه”.

ودعا التحالف المدني للثورة الشبابية الرأي العام الدولي ومنظمات العفو وحقوق الإنسان والحكومة الأمريكية والرئيس الأمريكي اوباما والاتحاد الأوربي إلى إدانة “الجرائم ضد الإنسانية التي يرتكبها نظام علي عبدالله صالح بحق المحتجين المسالمين في عموم المدن اليمنية. كما دعا التحالف الأمريكيين والأوروبيين إلى ” مطالبته صالح بالتنحي الفوري بعد إن فقد شرعيته وإدانة إعفائه من المساءلة حسب مبادرة مجلس التعاون الخليجي”.

وحذر التحالف في بيان صادر عنه المتطلعين من لجنة الحوار وقادة المشترك من توقيع المبادرة، مؤكدا أنهم بمهرها بتوقيعهم” يضعون أنفسهم في خانة صالح نفسه، ويحكمون على أنفسهم بالموت السياسي، فهذه المبادرة غير مرحب بها، وندعو أشقائنا في مجلس التعاون الخليجي إلى الضغط وهم قادرون على صالح ونظامه للرحيل، ونعتب عليهم سكوتهم وتغاضيهم عن التقتيل اليومي لأبناء شعبه ونهب وتبديد ثرواته”.

وقال التحالف في بيان صادر عنه إنه “مع انطلاقة الثورة الشعبية التي فجرها الطلاب والشباب في يناير الماضي بادر اللقاء في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي إلى إعلان احترامهم خيار الشعب اليمني”، مؤكدا أن الإعلان كان ” محل صدى عميق في نفوس أبناء الشعب اليمني. وفجأة طلب الرئيس المطالب بالرحيل من الشعب من هذه الدول تقديم مبادرة لإخراجه من المأزق الذي وضع نفسه فيه بسياساته المدمرة وحروبه الإجرامية، وتحديداً ضد الجنوب وصعدة”.

وقال البيان “رحب الشعب اليمني بطلب المبادرة في طبيعتها الأولى بتنحي صالح تحفظاً على بند عدم مساءلته عن جرائم الحرب ونهب المال العام”.

وأضاف”ورغم أن دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي قد اشترطت في المبادرة الأولى ضرورة القبول بها كما هي بدون تعديل إلا أنها راحت ونزولاً عند رغبات صالح وتهربه من التوقيع تجري التعديل تلو التعديل ابتداء من طلب التنحي إلى نقل الصلاحيات مروراً بتقديم الاستقالة وصولاً إلى تمييع القضية بفتح عشرات التواقيع لأحزاب وهمية وشخصيات لا وزن لها”.

وقال بيان التحالف المدني للثورة “الحال أن المبادرة في صيغتها الحالية قد جعلت من الثورة الشعبية التي تعم جل مدن اليمن وكأنها مجرد تنازع بين صالح وأحزاب اللقاء المشترك تحاول المبادرة حله بتضييع القضية برمتها وإنقاذ صالح ونظامه الفاسد والمستبد من السقوط وعدم المساءلة عن جرائم حروب ثلاثة وثلاثين عاماً، ونهب المليارات وتدمير وتبديد ثروات الشعب اليمني. وتشريد الشعب وتجهيله وتجويعه”.

وقال البيان أن صالح ” في حين راح يوغل في سفك دم المحتجين المسالمين ويعبث بالمال العام في الإنفاق على الأزلام والبلاطجة ويوزع المال والسلاح للحرب ضد شعبه كما يفعل القذافي وبشار فإن دول مجلس التعاون راحت تقدم له طوق نجاة وشيكا على بياض لبقاء حكمه الذي يمثل خطراً على اليمن ودول المنطقة والعالم كله،وتعفيه من المساءلة عن الجرائم ضد الإنسانية وعن جرائم الحرب”.

وأكد بيان التحالف المدني للثورة”إننا في عموم الساحات اليمنية المعبرين عن إرادة الملايين من أبناء الشعب نطالب هذه الدول الكف عن تشجيع صالح على تقتيل أبناء شعبه وترك اليمنيين يقررون مصيرهم بأنفسهم وأن تحترم إرادة وخيار الشعب في بناء دولتهم المدنية الديمقراطية والحديثة، ومحاكمة صالح وزمرته على الجرائم التي اقترفها بحق شعبه.

وأوضح التحالف المدني للثورة في بيانه”أن حق الأخوة والجوار يفرض على هؤلاء الأشقاء احترام خيارات الشعب اليمني وهم يعرفون جيداً خطورة بقاء هذا النظام الفاسد والمستبد على شعبه وجواره، ويدركون أيضاً كذب المحاذير بالإرهاب والقاعدة والحوثية والسلفية والتطرف التي يلوح بها لإبتزاز الجوار وتظليل العالم وخداع الناس”

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