Displaced People of Alga'ashin's arrest and torture, witnessed by Fuad Ahmad Naji

On Tuesday Oct 21th 2010 , a peaceful rally held by Alga’ashin displaced people in front of the Sana’a-based Algumhuri Hospital was suppressed by security forces. Most of the participants in the rally were arrested, including Fuad Ahmed Naji; one of Alga’ashin’s displaced, who was moved to Alnasr police station, having been beated by those forces. He was also tortured by electricity and live cigarettes by group of the soldiers, taken to hospital after a deteriorated health.

On Sunday Oct 17th 2010, Fuad was brought on a stretcher to the women journalists without chains Org’s headquarters to provide his sayings, and took back to the hospital for treatment completion. Fuad says: ” after a fire opening took place, armed vehicles gathered. They captured me at first, beated, taken to the armed car, thrown on ground, and lifted while almost unaware what they did. They dropped me into an unknown place and remained for about 4 hours before they investigated me, saying “you are the rally leader, you meet political figures” I said I am an innocent civilian of Alga’ashin’s and do not know anyone, yet they did not believe me and wrote something. They asked me if I knew how to read and write. I said “No” telling them that we have no schools. They enquired “who encourage you against the  Sheikh and the state?” ..”nobody , it is our case” I answered while I noticed him writing down that it is the Joint Meeting Party that instigate to protest and defame the state and Alga’ashin Sheikh..They asked me to sign the document, but I refused, telling him that he had not written the truth. He beated me and gave a smack, then put a live cigarette on my neck. They asked “where are Ahmed Saif Hashid and Aidarous Alnaqeeb? Are they with you in the rally? I said “No”.. “search them at the Parliament ..”we are just civilians of Alga’ashin” I added.

They let me alone for about 3 or 4 hours when asked me to sign, yet I refused again, with a repeated beating and kicking with boots of 4 soldiers, who asked who the leaders we meet are.”Nobody except that we once met Alraie inside the parliament house” He did not believe me and kept on torturing by electricity on bottom of my feet and sprinkling cold water. I named one of the companions of Mohammed Ahmed Mansour. They said they convinced”

I advise people of Alga’ashin not to be afraid of  the state’s torture and to defend their case

What torture you received?

Electricity and cigarette burning, smacking, sprinkling cold water.

How long did you remain arrested?

From Tuesday evening up to Saturday evening Oct 16th 2010

How many people investigated you?

They were about 5, some were civilians, others in military uniform, one is called Rashad

Do you know the place of arrest?

It is said to be Alhai Alsiaci(an area of Sana’a city) which I do not know.

Were there arrested people with you?

A n eyefolded  child, about 16 years old.

Does he have the same charge?

No, they said he killed someone.

How were you set free?

When I was about to die, an armed car with about 8 soldiers took me guarded to Algumhuri hospital.





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